The Categories

The Fashion Icon (Female)
The most stylish female member of Stardoll whose iconic fashion ensembles are an inspiration to others.

The Fashion Icon (Male)
The most fashionable male member of Stardoll whose creations inspire all around him.

The Model
A member who has emerged as a leading name in the modelling industry and is making a strong mark on the Stardoll fashion scene.

The Designer (Star Design)
A member who has used star design to produce impressive design(s) which have excelled on Stardoll.

The Designer (Graphic)
A member or team who have used creativity and graphic skills to produce an outstanding collection on Stardoll.

The Designer (Interior)
A member who has produced the most effective and impressive Stardoll suite.

The Diva
A fierce member who is adored and envied by all.

The Emerging Talent
A member who has recently been recognised for their great ability in Stardoll's fashion world.

An award for the member with the most over the top, yet adored fashion sense.

The Fashion Magazine
The most influencial fashion magazine on Stardoll.

The Fashion Blog
Your favourite blog in which fashion plays a large part.

The Fashion Blogger
A member who posts the most enjoyable fashion posts.

Special Recognition
A member who has greatly contributed to Stardoll's fashion industry with exciting projects and ideas.

Outstanding Achievement in Fashion
An award recognising a member who has influenced and inspired Stardoll members from all around the world.